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St. Michael Lodge No. 878

Motto: 'Fiat Lux' (Let there be Light)

Location: Lodge St Michael meets on 2nd Tuesday evening in the month, nine times a year at the Masonic Temple, Newtownards.

History: The lodge was consecrated on the 6th August 1927. The ritual was made and put together in January 1928 for distribution to the Brethren for this very special and wonderful Irish Working Lodge. The Consecration of the lodge took place at No 5 Leinster St. Dublin. The lodge went into abeyance in August 1966 but was resuscitated on 21st February 1987 at the Masonic Temple, Newtownards, Co. Down.

The founder of our Federation, Annie Besant, a fervent humanitarian and proponent of women’s emancipation, was accompanied by eight brethren from England for the consecration and founding of the Lodge.

Special Work: Lodge St Michael welcomes all genuine fellow seekers of truth and fulfilment by teaching ancient ceremonial and symbolic workings to new generations, so that each True Freemason builds into their structure beauty, harmony and knowledge for their journey into the Life of Freemasonry and a bond of Fellowship that is worldwide.

St. Michael Lodge

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International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women
Le Droit Humain - British Federation

'Seeing in a different light'

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