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Maa-Kheru Lodge No. 975

Motto: 'Lux intima, lux luceat'

Special work: To live in truth and be 'true of voice'.

Location: This lodge meets at Hexagon House, the Headquarters of the British Federation.

History: Maa-Kheru was founded in 1939 prior to the outbreak of war. Members are encouraged to aspire to a state of higher consciousness and use the wealth of symbolic Masonry, with particular respect to the ancient Egyptian tradition, as a tool for achieving this. Christine Hartley, well-known in esoteric circles, was one of the early rulers of this lodge. The lodge places a strong emphasis on ceremonial work and has in the past written new rituals for the Federation. The lodge’s motto reflects the desire to bring light into the world, a principle Maa-Kheru has diligently pursued even through the awkward blackouts of wartime existence.

Maa-Kheru Lodge

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International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women
Le Droit Humain - British Federation

'Seeing in a different light'

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