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Hermes Lodge No. 20

Special work: To study astrology as a means to the understanding of human character and temperament, and in general, to study Esotericism in the light of Freemasonry.  Hermes Lodge has always been a strong upholder of efficient and impressive ceremonial work, stress being laid on the understanding of what we do ceremonially and why. In 2023, Hermes decided to work the George Martin Ritual.
We take the formal aspect of Freemasonry seriously, but also enjoy ourselves and aim to provide a friendly atmosphere for all our members.

Location: Hermes Lodge meets on a Wednesday evening: January, February, March, May, June, July, October, and November at 6.30pm, currently at the Civic Service Club in Central London.

Meetings: Eight times a year minimum, on Wednesday evenings. They are followed by a festive board in a nearby restaurant in a friendly atmosphere.


Being the oldest lodge in the British Federation, Hermes lodge was founded in 1905 by a group of eminent astrologers including Alan and Bessie Leo. Leos are also well known for their work in the founding of the Astrological Lodge of London in 1915. Between 1907 and 1912 the lodge was a regular contributor to a public monthly magazine called ‘Modern Astrology’. Over the years there have been many fine astrologers among the members of Hermes notably Ann Sudbury-Hurren and Charles Meredith. Hermes went into abeyance in 2020, and in 2023, a group of Master Masons resuscitated it, as a Triangle, in a Central London venue.

Today Hermes Lodge has a growing eclectic, friendly membership from all backgrounds and from all parts of the world with one common objective: ‘to search for a deeper meaning of life’. Our location at the heart of London enables visitors from the Order and from friendly obediences to visit us easily.


Come and join us on our quest. You will be made very welcome.

Hermes Lodge

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International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women
Le Droit Humain - British Federation

'Seeing in a different light'

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