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Rising Sun Lodge

The re-kindling of Le Droit Humain Masonic light taking place in Chipping Sodbury.

We have been trying to get a lodge going in the South West for approximately five years. One initiative was the formation of the triangle Y Ddraig – the Dragon – in Cardiff some years ago, which faltered.

Some years ago, there was a British Federation lodge in Chipping Sodbury, a few miles outside Bristol, just north of the M4, which closed, but a former member was still keen to rejoin us. So the decision was taken to transfer Y Ddraig Triangle to Chipping Sodbury. On 21 October the former LDH member then re-joined, and three other Freemasons from another Obedience were regularised. At the same meeting, two new members were initiated, so that the Triangle now has nine members including three from the Y Ddraig Triangle.

The members have now agreed that they will be calling this Lodge ‘Rising Sun’, which was the name of the Droit Humain lodge which met there in the past and Triangle Y Ddraig will then cease.

The lodge will be resuscitated in 2018 and will work the Lauderdale ritual. It remains to establish a motto, but the members share a common goal in wanting a spiritual, esoteric focus, to work in harmony and with joy.

They are obviously very keen to encourage visitors and are now actively looking for more members who want to work in the South West.

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Rising Sun Lodge

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International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women
Le Droit Humain - British Federation

'Seeing in a different light'

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