“Seeing in a different light”


We are the Co-Masonic Benevolent Fund, a registered charity in the UK (No. 205813). Set up to provide relief of poverty and distress among the less fortunate or suffering members of humanity and particularly focusing on children, in the UK and further abroad. Our values underpin everything we do.

Specifically focused on the prevention of or relief of poverty, in the under privileged and vulnerable children and young people.

CMBF is able to makes grants to organisations or individuals of up to £25,000 per year. We pride ourselves on offering help and support to those that are in need and always welcome request for worthy causes that meet the criteria. Through the generosity of the public and our members, as part of our commitment to improve lives of our fellow humans in the very communities we are part of.

Co-Freemasonry was brought to England in 1902 by Annie Besant, who was responsible for spreading Co-Freemasonry Principles to many other countries throughout the world. Long before women gained the right to vote, Annie Besant was a well-known activist for equality and justice, particularly for women and young children and recognised for her work regarding the plight of the Match Girls in London. Over the last 80 years, the CMBF has provided help and support to many good causes, from our base in Hexagon House, Surbiton. Following the principals and values we share and acting as a light in the world. If you feel you could help in any way toward the aims of the CMBF please do get in contact. Being a registered charity, we are driven, not by profit but by our commitment to the communities that are in need.


“Following the Co- Masonic Benevolent Fund’s most generous award, React has been able to provide vital aid to life–limited children cared for by financially disadvantaged families” Sue Sturgen, the Mayor of Guildford’s local distress fund.

“All the children at Happy Home are delighted to receive your support to start our apprenticeship scheme” David Calvert–Orange, Wheel of Hope.

“Thank you for your generous support of the Own Fone scheme allowing vulnerable and at risk children to connect to our helpline” Amy Home, Grants officer. Missing People.

“You have given hope to families in need. Thank you” Sally Buck, Shelter Box.

“Your support is greatly appreciated and helps to continue working with young people” Sally Taylorson, Harlow.

“We help local people, and are particularly pleased with your support of the project focused in Kingston” Julie Haggerty, Chief Executive. EnhanceAble.

“Thank you for continuing to support this vital service” David King, Chief Executive. Chase. Hospice for Children.

“The 100 children in the care of SPES, many suffering from being dumb or deaf, have been given a chance in life… by providing a scholarship” Claude Voileau, President of Honour of SPES Int.