“Seeing in a different light”

Motto: Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re”

Special work: To maintain and uphold the ancient landmarks of Freemasonry and to learn to express in character and life its principles and genuine tenets.

Location: Northampton

Meetings: Eight times a year, on Saturday afternoons.

History: If there is such an entity as a “typical country lodge” then Lodge Mercury feels that it is probably a typical example. The membership reflects a good cross-section of humanity at large. This diversity is reflected in their many reasons for attending Lodge. These may include the social aspects of meeting like-minded people, the hope of possible inner development, esotericism in the wider sense and interest in the ritual itself. Freemasons will tend to share a common expectation of what constitutes a ‘good lodge’, but it is not easy to convey a sense of what makes Mercury the lodge that it is. Mercury tend to favour a certain independence of thought together with a degree of self-reliance, but then again this is hardly unusual in Masonry.