“Seeing in a different light”

Motto: ‘Sunt Jovis Omnia Plena’ (All Perfect Things Are of God)

Special work: Universal Healing in the Light of Masonry – which includes a study of all forms of healing for all people and for the establishment of harmony in the world, which is true healing.

Location: This lodge meets at Hexagon House, the Headquarters of the British Federation.

Meetings: Eight times a year minimum, on Tuesday evenings.

Ritual: Lauderdale Ritual

History: Jupiter Lodge No. 989 was consecrated on Wednesday 14 April 1948 at Croham Hurst Place, 183 Upper Selsdon Road, Sanderstead, Surrey by the then Most Puissant Grand Commander of the British Federation, The Very Illustrious Bro. Arnold Banks 33˚, who then installed Illustrious Bro. Ann Sudbury Hurren 30˚ as the founding Master.
The Selection of ‘Jupiter’ as the name of the Lodge was decided upon. As the largest of all the planets, as a great and beautiful power, Jupiter sheds its influence of expansion and benevolence, to the benefit of both the lodge itself and the district in which the lodge is working.
The vision of the founding members was for universal healing and establishing harmony in the world and it was hoped that the lodge might be used as a centre of healing.
The lodge ethos is that since masonry is free to all irrespective of background, creed or colour, the lodge should display on the altar at least three sacred books: the Bible, the Quran and the Bhagavad Gita, together known as the Volumes of the Sacred Lore.
All sincere seekers of wisdom and knowledge are welcome, namely those who are willing to work hard to express their true talents and gifts and to be of service to all humanity.