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Freemasonry is neither a religion, a philosophy, nor a system of ethics or morals. It is a blend of all these.

It is an initiatory system containing the keys to the ancient mysteries, which are experienced through a series of mystery dramas designed to open up and deepen awareness and understanding.

It is one of the forms in which ancient teachings of truth have been transmitted, namely the allegorical and symbolic form, expressed in ceremonial and in ritual drama.

In this way, certain aspects of truth have been preserved and made clear for those who could understand them and profit by them, while at the same time they have remained safely hidden from the ignorance or the ill-will of those who might misuse them.

The membership of the Order mirrors a cross-section of society as a whole. Socially, racially, professionally, in terms of religious adherence, in terms of political affiliation, we count among our members men and women across the whole spectrum of humanity.

It has been said that Freemasonry is like a spiritual martial art. Regardless of faith, philosophy or political persuasion, one is able to learn and apply self-discipline, self-confidence and self-respect in a safe and friendly environment.

Like any discipline, it may be approached or learned at the individual’s preferred pace and is a rewarding commitment which improves with dedication.

The Freemason’s Lodge is a safe haven where you can discuss and address philosophical questions and spiritual pursuits of the arts, natural science and the human condition.

Freemasonry, beyond teaching moral lessons, gives us a clear path to self-knowledge and growth and development of the spirit outside of a religious context.

In form, it comprises the ritual enactment, like a medieval mystery play, of allegories of birth and life. It uses symbols to illustrate, and allegories to interpret – interpret sometimes those concepts which cannot be spelt out in words.

In the International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women we admit people irrespective of gender. After all, an organisation which deals with the perfection of humanity cannot ignore half of the human race!

Freemasons are not different from other people, nor are they better. They are those who have acknowledged the need to seek to know themselves better, in order then to be better members of society.

This is not a mere platitude: it is a serious attempt to lead a better life and to counter some of the darkness and negativity met with in every part of the world today.


* Previously known as the International Order of Co-Freemasonry.

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