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Njördur P. Njardvik 33° Past Grand Master of the International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women Le Droit Humain

In the huge headquarters of the United Nations in New York, there is a small room arranged by its former Secretary General, Dag Hammarskjöld. This small room, which has only eleven chairs, is called the room of silence. In the centre there is a polished dark stone illuminated by a single shaft of light, and on the wall facing the entrance, an abstract painting in soft colours. That is all.

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TNO BannerThe Tir N’An Oige Triangle No. 990


Arm Thyself with the Torch of the Mysteries and in the Night of Earth
Thou shalt uncover Thy Celestial Soul

There is an exciting new development in the British Federation. A new Triangle has been formed, in effect the resuscitation of the Tir N’An Oige Lodge no. 990 which went into abeyance some years ago.

Tir N’An Oige worked the Irish ritual, the oldest ritual in the Federation, which probably had its roots in the Freemasonry of the mid 18thC. This ritual is still worked by St Michael Lodge no. 878 in Newtownards, Northern Ireland. Tir N’An Oige is a London Triangle.

Trinity KnotThe aims of this Triangle are of course to become a consecrated Lodge as soon as possible. It will furthermore be a forum for discussion and exploration, presenting papers of a high quality on esoteric Freemasonry, and as such will appeal only to those who are dedicated masonic scholars or who aspire to a deeper understanding of the Craft.

We welcome visitors, not only from the British Federation, but from other Obediences and from overseas.

If you are interested in visiting, please get in touch with the current WM, Ills∴Bro∴ Julian Rees at jrees@aol.com


caves10002 smallPaul Devereux asks us to consider why some places are sacred

The concept of the temple is a particularly familiar one to Freemasons because of the legendary associations of masonry with the Temple of Solomon.

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We are looking forward to welcoming you to the 2017 National Convention on Saturday 25 November.  This year's theme is
"The Unity which Lies Behind Diversity".



Here is a link to the National Convention website: https://natcounc.wixsite.com/natconvention2017

We are very pleased that prices for refreshments remain the same as last year - £4.00 for lunch only, £28.00 for dinner only and £32.00 for lunch and dinner.

We are very pleased that prices for refreshments remain the same as last year - £4.00 for lunch only, £28.00 for dinner only and £32.00 for lunch and dinner.

The British Federation is part of an International Order, and a National Council and annual National Convention are requirements of the Constitution.  National Council is responsible for all administrative matters; it is the 'body' side of the Federation, whereas the ceremonial work can be seen as the 'life' side.

The National Convention elects the members of the National Council and the Finance Committee every three years, agrees changes to the General Regulations, receives presentation of the audited accounts of the previous year and votes the budget of the next year. All members in good standing can attend, but only those above the degree of Entered Apprentice have full voting rights. This year we will be holding additional elections to fill Officer vacancies amongst the National Council team and member vacancies for the Finance Committee.

Along with the business, there will also be workshops to stimulate thinking and opportunities to chat and share learning. Convention is a great opportunity to meet other members and enhance our fraternal bond, as well as contribute to the development of the Federation.

The ceremony will be open to all Freemasons of recognised Obediences, and the dinner will also be open to non-Masons.

New Grand Master

Daniel Bolens – new Grand Master of the International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women Le Droit Humain.

The new Grand Master tells us that he was born on 10 September 1949 in Lausanne. He is of Swiss nationality, lives near Lausanne and is married with two children and two grandchildren.

Although he is francophone, he also speaks German and a little English.

In his professional life, although now retired, he worked for the Swiss State in different areas linked to military and civil security.

As far as his masonic career is concerned, he was initiated in June 1983 in lodge Esperance et Cordialité (Hope and Cordiality) in Lausanne, a lodge of the Grand Lodge Swiss Alpina. He was raised to the MM degree in 1985. Between 1991 and 1999 he was received into the higher degrees.

For personal reasons, he left the Grand Lodge Swiss Alpina and the lodges and units of the higher degree, and in order to follow a different masonic path. Consequently he applied to be affiliated, and was accepted into the lodge Connaissance et Vie No. 1661 (Knowledge and Life) in the Orient of Lausanne. Shortly afterwards he became a member of the Lodge Sine Nomine (Without Name) No. 1705 in the Orient of Montreux-Clarens.

He was affiliated successively into different lodges and chapters of the Swiss Federation, being advanced to the 33° in May 2007, elected to the Supreme Council and named Representative of the Supreme Council for the Swiss Federation, and also MPGC.

In the course of his masonic trajectory he was several times RWM and occupied all the offices within his lodges and chapters. He was President of the Consistory of the Swiss Federation, and then President of the Triangle of the 33°.

He sees the role of Grand Master as seeking to be the guarantor of the diversity and at the same time the cohesion of the Order, two areas which, he says, it is not easy always to reconcile.

Until 2022, the Supreme Council shall have as its task, among other things, to reflect on the renewal of administrative structures of the Order and in particular to find a satisfactory response to the question of the representation of the Federations within the authority of the Order, the Supreme Council and the International Convention. In this regard, it will be necessary for all the Federations to work together.



Royal Art Freemasonry movie

The long awaited 33 and Beyond, the Royal Art of Freemasonry movie 🎥 premier is happening on the 13th! Check out this great interview with Johnny Royal where he goes into great detail about the movie. Worth watching!

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(es-uh-ter-ik)    "adjective

1.    understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest; recondite: poetry full of esoteric allusions.
2.    belonging to the select few.
3.    private; secret; confidential.
4.    (of a philosophical doctrine or the like) intended to be revealed only to the initiates of a group: the esoteric doctrines of Pythagoras."

Freemasonry The Esoteric traditionFreemasonry - The Esoteric Tradition

It's now only increasingly rare individuals who behold something of a deeper nature in our Masonic ritual and teachings and are often considered as somewhat eccentric or individuals or 'fantasizers'; to be charitably tolerated as long as they do not overstep the mark with their fantastical interpretations.

This volume is devoted to those members of society who maintain that Freemasonry should be interpreted, experienced and lived as an authentic Initiatic School, as was doubtless intended by the creators of its complex ritual forms, brimming with symbols, allegories and hidden meanings.

From a metahistorical point of view, the true 'figure' of the Freemason will be portrayed as a sort of 'Archetype of Enlightenment',which is clearly recognisable and presented in the western tradition throughout history. From the Epoptes of the Eleusinian Mysteries, to the Hermetic of the first centuries B.C.; from the Magician and the Neoplatonist of the Renaissance to the Rosicrucian; from the Alchemist to the Freemason, the same goal of, an individual featuring a series of common characteristics and, in particular, a similar 'vision of the world', is manifested cyclically in specific historical moments. (Quote from the Lewis Masonic website)

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First impressions of a new member

What makes the British Federation such a special and unique Masonic Order? As a recently affiliated member perhaps I can humbly offer an answer to this question being as I am new to the order and, in theory, totally unbiased. Maybe not totally unbiased since I do have a point of reference to which I can compare Le Droit Humain: my previous Masonic reincarnation. Read More

Bro Superabo, Maa Kheru Lodge 975

Mystic Masonry

The Symbols of Freemasonry and the Greater Mysteries of Antiquity


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C.W. Leadbeater

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New Grand Master Installed

New lodge forming in Bristol

Moves are afoot to form a new lodge of our Order in Bristol. Anyone interested in helping, either as a Freemason already or by initiation into this lodge, is welcome to contact us for further information, quoting “Bristol initiative”. Contact Us

Freemasonry, Esotericism, and Spiritual Development: An Interview With Piers Vaughan

Published Mar 18, 2017

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Ritual, Freemasonry, and Allegory: Julian Rees in Interview

Published Sept 24, 2016

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BBC Radio Wales


Listen to an interview with the former head of the British Federation of our Order, Brian Roberts 33° and BBC Radio Wales Listen

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Weekly Podcasts

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Weekly Podcast on different masonic subjects for the enquiring mind. View

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Esoteric Freemasonry - A growing trend

M.'.P.'.G.'. C.'. retires

Brian retirement


Two tributes to a very worthy Brother

The V ∴ Ills ∴ Bro ∴ Brian Roberts 33° has stepped down as M ∴ P ∴ G ∴ C ∴ of our Federation. His Mother Lodge, Lodge Maa-Kheru 975, could not let this occasion pass without marking it in a special way and in addition the Federation put on a surprise party for him on Saturday 1 July.

To celebrate his outstanding contribution to the British Federation during his time as MPGC over the past fifteen years, his Mother Lodge, Maa-Kheru No. 975, presented The V∴Ills∴ Bro∴ Brian Roberts 33° with a specially commissioned jewel.

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Regular vs Liberal Freemasonry? What it's really about.

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To Pietre Stones website article

Freemason Digest Oct 2017

Freemasonry: A Journey Through Ritual and Symbol

Dr Annie Besant 1847 - 1933

Annie Besant
Annie Besant was the founder of the British Federation of the Order, the International Order of Co-Freemasonry, Le Droit Humain as it was known at the time. She was the first ruler of Lodge Human Duty No. 6 which still exists today.

The Besant Accord

- The Declaration of Principles grants the Lodges the right to choose their acclamation: To the Glory of the Great Architect Of The Universe and/or To the Perfection of Humanity.

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Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

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Darren Lorente Bull on Spiritual Freemasonry
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The freemasons who allow women to join Read more

The Hidden Code in Freemasonry

* Previously known as the International Order of Co-Freemasonry.

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